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Let your imagination run wild.

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Because when you stop & look around, life is pretty amazing.

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Live free.

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Live in the sunshine.

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Stove-top Butternut Macaroni and Cheese

Cooking up a storm. It’s never as easy as it looks. (Here’s the recipe. I used vegetable stock instead of chicken to make it vegetarian.)

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David/Mary Margaret + Charming/Snow | Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

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Never realized when I made this, how fitting it would be months later. Yes, I want to escape this routine, the cyclical dullness encumbered with flashes of sadness. I want to break free; I need it.

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Fly free. Adventure awaits you.

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I want to be someone you regret losing.

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"Maybe you’re someone’s first choice."

Rachel: You’re an asshole!
Ethan: Yeah, maybe I am, but I’m the only asshole here who gives a shit about you.

Themed Party: Challenge 70: Voyages and Vacations | The Hamptons, Something Borrowed

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Let your imagination run wild.

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