words. art. activism.

Impassioned :(adj) filled with passion or zeal; showing great warmth or intensity of feeling

Marian: activist/volunteer, writer of words, Greenpeace, bookworm, music lover, fanvidder, beach bum, shutterbug, daydreamer, pescetarian, movie geek, history buff, TOSPian, techie. I ♥ environmental causes, humanitarian action & animal rights.

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That is me right there. ;)

  • Writing poems on paper, essays-turned-blog-posts on OneNote & stories in my head. The scenes I dream up fuel fanvidding, another interest.
  • Love to listen to people's their take on the world & life. It's a fascination with diversity & culture & life experiences…fueled by curiosity.
  • My imagination has a tendency to run wild.
  • I participate in causes that I’ve been made aware of & believe in. I plan on volunteering forever. Bleeding heart for environmental degradation, injustice, animal rights & poor healthcare.
  • Free-spirited & open-minded. Read: liberated.
  • Pretty mellow. Optimism & looking on the bright side all the way. Epitome of the “happy kid" even in my 20s.
  • I can talk/lobby your ear if needed, BUT I don’t believe in forcing my beliefs/opinions on others. :) But I may argue like crazy. Also, I’d rather be a hands-on in activism.
  • I like taking pictures for the memories or to capture something beautiful/perplexing/striking. I’m a visual person.
  • Geek-slash-bookworm. Shelves bursting w/ books. A regular at bookstores/secondhand bookshops. Loves technology & sci-fi. Result: Kindle.
  • Music is inspiration, rejuvenation, an outlet, a friend, a beautiful thing… Open to all types of music, although my preferences are alt/folk/indie rock & pop punk. Usually it’s for the beat/tune 1st, then lyrical appreciation. But in some cases I love a song b/c the lyrics are poetry, then I begin to like the music.
  • Oh yeah, love history and I’m a former vegetarian (5 years). I eat fish now, so that makes me a pescetarian (sp? is that even the right term?), but planning to go back to veggies soon.
  • Hypocrisy irks me. :/ So I try to keep myself in check as well.

My life in snippets:

♥ causes, activism & advocacy:

greenpeace, doctors without borders (msf), red cross, sea shepherd, peta, the environment, humanitarian causes, animal rights, nation-building, healthcare, free trade, organic, sustainable development.

♥ things i do:

volunteer, write poems/stories, take pictures, swim, bike, traveling (but not as much as I would like, so take me away), making fanart/fanvids, sony vegas 9, photoshop, hiking.

♥ interesting, yes:

Europe, documentaries, books, films of real events, beaches, biopics, music, football, basketball.

♥ fandom:

- music: Dashboard Confessional, Death Cab for Cutie, Jack Johnson, Snow Patrol, Safetysuit, 30StM, U2, Coldplay

- athletes/teams: Real Madrid, Arsenal FC, US & Brazil NT, Xabi Alonso, Pepe, Karim Benzema, Aaron Ramsey, Cesc Fabregas, Chicago Bulls, Indy Colts, NY Giants

- shows: Once Upon a Time, White Collar, TVD, 30 rock, HIMYM, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, H5O

- people: Sebastian Stan, Ginny Goodwin, Matt Bomer, Sam Worthington, Kristen Bell, Josh Dallas

Traces of Me on the WWW

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